File Extension is a one-stop online kiosk where you can get all the relevant information for a file extension, how to access the file extension, which programs to open file extensions and programs for different operating system.

At File Extension you will find information on a plethora of file extensions. If you’re here because you’re unable to access a file on your system, then you’ve come to the right page.

Enter the file extension you wish you read on in the search bar provided on the homepage. Click the search icon to search the file from our database of thousands of file extensions. The search bar is not only for searching file extensions but you can also look for software on these and find information in regards to the software.

Once you’ve searched your file extension, you’ll be shown a snippet of information in regards to that extension. If you wish to read more information on the extension, simply click “Read More”.

Every file extension is divided into three broad categories of information.

The first one displays the developer for the extension, what category the extension belongs to and the format of the extension.

The second category of information deals with the file extension itself. Information like what is a particular file extension and how to open that file can easily be found on the page.

The last bit of information shows a list of software that can be used to access the file extension. These software are categorized according to the different operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS and Web.

All the information is linked on the website. If you go on an extension, you will find that the category of the extension and software can be accessed through the webpage by simply clicking on them. For example, Winamp is one of the software listed under “Programs that open MP3 files”. You can click on Winamp to get information about the software as well.

The best thing about File Extensions is that even with software you can view all the extensions supported by a particular software. Let’s use the same example here again. If you click on Winamp, you will be greeted with information about the software and also a list of file extensions supported by Winamp such as .MP3, .OGG, .WAV, and more.