What is a file extension?

A file extension, also called sometimes as a file type or a file format, and is the fastest way to understand what kind of information is available in the file. For example, an MP3 file would suggest that it is an audio file and not a text or video file.

File extensions are a great way to understand what software can be used to access the file. Extensions are written in a short-form sequential order at the end of each file name such as “Homemovie.avi”.

File Extension – Home to Thousands of Extensions

File Extension is your go-to place for all types of extensions and software that can access these extensions. If you’re here trying to get some information on a file extension, we’ve got you covered. Simply search the extension you are looking for and our database will provide you with all the detail regarding the extension.

If you have a file on your PC that you wish to access but don’t have the appropriate software. Search the extension in the search bar provided and we will let you know the list of software that can help you access or convert the file.

Does this website cater to different operating systems?

File Extension has a superb category system where every file extension has a list of programs that can help you access the file. These programs are categorized according to the operating system. If you are running Windows or Linux or any other operating system, you can scroll down to your operating system and view the list of programs available for that operating system to help you open a particular file extension.

Can I download the programs directly from File Extension?

File Extension is the home to thousands of file extensions and software information. However, we do not provide any installation files for these programs. File Extension makes it easy for you to understand what software is required to run particular extensions. Once you know what software is required, you can simply search for the software on a search engine if you wish to download it.